Remittance A2Z

Remittance A2Z is a comprehensive Remittance Management Solution that dynamically manages all the operational procedures of collecting money from the Sender at the multi-layered source-end and distributes money to the beneficiaries at the multi-layered distribution-end through single channel.

It introduces some innovative and intelligent tools to promote remittance business such as the Exchange Master, Parent-Child Agents Controller, Sibling Agents Controller, Anti-Money Laundering Compliance Manager, Any Agent Service, Multi-layered Billing master etc.

Based on the System Architecture, Remittance A2Z is designed with two wings: One Part deals with remittance Origination processes & another part manages remittance distribution work flows. However, for the convenience of beneficiary, Remittance A2Z is designed such a parametric way that any of the two wings mentioned above can be merged easily with any third party remittance solution (if requires).