Infrastructure helps cater to mission critical application in the 21st century where every nanosecond counts. Today’s businesses have evolved over multifold thanks to the evolution of hardware infrastructure with intelligent software driving them. DIGITECH have looked into hardware infrastructure as one of the foundation pillars whereby infrastructure along with system integration and migration play a crucial component in the business.

Our system integration solution portfolio allows for total infrastructure design and delivery for your customers allowing for optimized performance of applications. Eco-friendliness being one of our principals in designing solution, we design considering power, cooling, performance benchmarking and future expansion of your hardware infrastructure allowing for maximum room for future scalability.

Apart from infrastructure and system integration we also specialize in connectivity solutions for our customers.Starting from VPN, broadband connectivity all the way to managed MPLS or IPLC connectivity through submarine cable or dedicated SCPC satellite links, we are here to provide you the desired solution. Our hosting solution allows all the way for web as well as infrastructure hosting for your business.

Our hardware segment consists of:

  • System integration
  • Connectivity and hosting
  • Infra-X-structure